Travel Advisor referral Program

Travel Advisor referral Program

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Sign up for our Travel Advisor Referral Program to recommend us to other professionals like you.
We’ll reward you with $300 cash when they book a trip!

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Signup below and input the name of the Travel Advisor you are referring


Wait for your referral to book a trip


Get paid $300 for your referral!


How will I get paid?

If your recommendation is successful, you will receive your cash bonus via ACH to your bank account.

Please note that your referral must complete a booking (paid in full) within 180 days of the registration, in order to earn your reward.

When is my cash reward paid and how much is it?

The referred person must book a trip (paid in full) within 6 months of when you sign her/him up.
You will receive the bonus of $300 for the referred Travel Advisor, one week after the clients complete their travel.
You can receive only one bonus of $300 per referral, not per booking.

How many cash rewards can I get?

There is no limit to the number of cash reward you can get, however you can receive only one bonus of $300 per referral, not per booking.

How do I know that my referral was successful?

If your referral will book a trip with us, you will be notified by email.

What requirements must be met in order to receive a cash reward for a referral?

The referred person must book a trip, paid in full, 180 days after referral made when signing up on our page
The booking must be of at least $2000 in value.
The referred person must be a Professional Travel Advisor working for a travel agency with a valid IATA or CLIA number

What makes a referral unsuccessful?

– If your referral does not book a trip within 6 months of your recommendation.
– If your referral does not pay in full a trip or complete a trip.
– If your referral books a trip after 6 months of your recommendation.
– If you referred a family member
– If you enroll a travel advisor that has already been referred in the past (the reward is not retroactive and for NEW advisors only)
The booking was lower than $2000 in value.

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