Meet your Europe travel designers



New York, NY

Ivan Matta, our co-founder, is an experienced travel professional with strong specialization in the European destinations.

Born in the beautiful island of Sardinia, after college and work in Milan, Ivan left Italy for the States, choosing Manhattan as his primary base.

His knowledge of the European destinations as well as the North American travel advisor's community, gave him the opportunity to create aliveXperiences. 

His favorites:

Countries: Italy, France & Portugal

Cities; Milan, Nice & Lisbon

Wine: Passito di Pantelleria

Dish: Fregola with clams and mussels (Sardinian dish)



Venice, Italy

Born in Venice, Sara is a knowledgeable Italy expert. She loves her city and she wants to show everyone the best Italy can offer. She graduated with a university degree in Translation, specializing in Tourism and International Trade.

Based in Venice, she represents the Europe office of the company, ready to help clients with their every need. Speaks fluent Italian, English and French.


Her favorites:

Countries: Italy & France

​Cities: Venice, Paris & Dublin

Wine: Prosecco

Dish: Risotto with pumpkin

laurence vuillemin 1 (002).jpg


Paris, France

Born and raised in Paris, Laurence worked several years for US-based companies operating in France. She has always loved exploring France to find hidden gems and picturesque spots. She has a deep knowledge of her country culture and heritage that she likes to share with international travelers, creating unique and authentic itineraries through the French regions. Speaks fluent French & English.

Her favorites:

Countries: France​

​Cities: Paris, Avignon, La Rochelle

Wine: Pommard

Dish: Blanquette de veau



Lisbon, Portugal

Born and bred in the beautiful Portuguese countryside, Marisa is passionate for showing the best of her country and Portuguese handcraft heritage! For the last 6 years, she has dedicated her career in designing and deploying custom travel experiences for many North American travelers in Portugal. She speaks fluent Portuguese, Spanish and English.

Her favorites:

Countries: Portugal & Ireland.​

​Cities: Lisbon, Porto & Paris.

Wine: Alentejo region red

Dish: Bacalhau (cod fish)



Madrid, Spain

Paloma was born in Madrid, where she has lived and worked all her life. Passionate about her country, she has helped many North American travelers in creating incredible travel experiences in Spain that only a local can. Fluent in English and Spanish, she is a great asset for the whole team.​

Her favorites:

Countries: Spain, Portugal and France.

Cities: Madrid, Lisbon, Paris     

Wine: Cava

Dish: Fideuà​



Lisbon, Portugal

Born and raised in Lisbon, Madalena became a tour guide, specialized in what she loves the most in the world: Portugal!

As a travel designer, she can now create unique tailored experiences for travelers in her country.  She speaks fluently Portuguese, English, and  Spanish.


Her favorites:

Countries: Portugal and Italy

​Cities: Lisbon, Funchal (island of Madeira) and Venice.

Wine: Red from the Douro valley

Dish: Cataplana de marisco (a traditional Portuguese dish with seafood and clams).



London, England

Born in London, Nick has spent part of his life between Spain and The UK.

He has a strong knowledge of some of the most amazing European destinations like The UK, Spain and Portugal.

Speaks fluent English, Spanish, Catalan and Portuguese.

His favorites:

Countries: England, Scotland, Wales, Ireland and Spain.

City: Barcelona, London, Edinburgh 

Wine: Ribera del Duero

Dish: Paella​



Chicago, IL

Born in Venice, Elena is an experienced travel professional.

She has worked with some of the most known tour operators in Europe.

Clients and colleagues appreciate her work ethic and knowledge of the Italian suppliers.

Her favorites:

Countries: Italy, Spain & France

Cities: Paris, Rome & Madrid

Wine: Prosecco

Dish: Lasagna​



Cagliari, Italy

Born in Rome, Michela is a passionate traveler and has traveled in all continents.

Based in Italy, she has a vast knowledge of the French, Spanish and Italian destinations.

Speaks fluent Italian and  English.


Her favorites:

Countries: Italy & France

​Cities: Naples and Paris

Wine: Primitivo

Dish: chicken with wine



New York, NY

Born in Jakarta, Indonesia, Dee moved to New York City at the age of 12.

She has travelled extensively all over Europe and developed an incredible knowledge of some of the most beautiful European countries.

She speaks English, Bahasa Indonesia and Italian.


Her favorites:

Countries: Portugal and Ireland

​Cities: Lisbon, Dublin and London

Wine: Prosecco

Dish: Risotto with pumpkin