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Meet your European travel designers

Jenny Sommacampagna.jpeg

Venice, Italy

Jenny was born in Este, a beautiful medieval town in Veneto region.
Great lover of art and archaeology, she graduated in Cultural Tourism at the University of Padua. Since then, she has worked with the major tourism industry players, sharing her passion for travel and with the desire to show the world what her Country has to offer.

Her favorites: 

Countries: Italy, Greece, Portugal 

Cities: Matera, Porto and Barcelona

Wine: Vernaccia di San Gimignano

Dish: Spaghetti Carbonara


Venice, Italy

Born in Venice, Sara is a knowledgeable Italy expert. She loves her city and she wants to show everyone the best Italy can offer. She graduated with a university degree in Translation, specializing in Tourism and International Trade.

Based in Venice, she represents the Europe office of the company, ready to help clients with their every need. Speaks fluent Italian, English and French.


Her favorites:

Countries: Italy & France

​Cities: Venice, Paris & Dublin

Wine: Prosecco

Dish: Risotto with pumpkin


Venice, Italy

Lisa was born in Dolo, near Venice.

She then moved to Iowa, Frankfurt and now lives in Padua.

She has long experience in the tourism and airlines industry.

She speaks English, French, German and Italian. 

Her favorites:

Countries: France

Cities: Syracuse

Wine: Amarone della Valpollicella

Dish: Fried fish


Valencia, Spain

Pietro was born in Trieste, then decided to move to Spain and lived in Malta, Barcelona and now Valencia.

He is a great expert in the hospitality and events industry in Europe.

He speaks Italian, English, Spanish and Catalan.

His favorites:

Countries: Italy, Spain and Greece

Cities: Sevilla and Venice

Wine: Txakoli

Dish: Eggplant parmesan


Nurenberg, Germany

Born in Venice, she graduated with a university degree in Foreign Languages and Tourism and speaks fluent English and Spanish, together with  German.
She is based in Nurenberg, Germany, but she has traveled extensively all over Europe and the US since when she was little. She is currently living between Germany and Italy. She developed an incredible knowledge of some of the most beautiful European cities and wants everyone to see the beauty of the old continent.

Her favorites:

Countries: Italy & Spain, UK
Cities: London, Berlin & Rome
Wine: Primitivo
Dish: Pasta al Forno



New York, NY

Ivan Matta, our co-founder, is an experienced travel professional with strong specialization in the European destinations.

Born in the beautiful island of Sardinia, after college and work in Milan, Ivan left Italy for the States, choosing Manhattan as his primary base.

His knowledge of the European destinations as well as the North American travel advisor's community, gave him the opportunity to create aliveXperiences. 

His favorites:

Countries: Italy, France & Portugal

Cities: Milan, Nice & Lisbon

Wine: Passito di Pantelleria

Dish: Fregola with clams and mussels (Sardinian dish)


Sardinia, Italy

Lived in 5 countries.
Master of Fine Arts
Speaks Russian, Italian, English

10 years in Fashion and Travel journalism 
I am into pottery, love vintage.

My passion is art, food & wine.


Her favorites:

Countries: Italy
Cities: Rome
Wine: Gewurztraminer, Monica, Torbato, Savignon.
Dish: fregola con arselle, orziadas, tartar


Florence, Italy

Elena was born in Latvia, and throughout her carrier, collaborating with best European tour operators, designed journeys the most prestigious and popular destinations in Europe. 

Elena's passion for travel, kind and optimistic personality, impeccable work ethics, ability to navigate complex requirements and restrictions, ensures that clients will have the most amazing experience while travelling. 

You can find Elena exploring new places in search for exciting destinations and wonderful experiences to share with you!

Her favorites:

Countries: Italy, Greece & France
Cities: Paris, Rome & Rhodes island (Greece)
Wine: Prosecco
Dish: Linguine alle vongole



Lascari, Italy

Marco was born in Palermo and today lives in Lascari, a small Sicilian village overlooking the Mediterranean sea. 
From an early age, he cultivated a passion for mathematics and information technology. 
He has begun his professional career as computer programmer specializing progressively in the computerization of production processes in various companies finally dedicating himself to databases for the management of various types of data.


His favorites:

Countries: Italy, Japan
Cities: Singapore 
Wine: Prosecco
Dish: Spaghetti with sea urchins


Bali, Indonesia

Miranda was born in Indonesia, grew up in America, went to university in China, and spent the last decade traveling for business between Shanghai and Los Angeles. Wanderlust is in her DNA. She loves exploring new destinations the world has to offer, and have yet to discover where she will reside long-term. 

She speaks English, Mandarin Chinese and Indonesian.

Her favorites:

Countries: Japan, Italy (Sardinia), and Indonesia
Cities: Tokyo, Barcelona, Shanghai
Wine: Barolo 
Dish: Negitoro Don


Chicago, IL

Aldo Caronia, our co-founder, is a travel professional with over 25 years of experience in marketing European destinations.

Born in Venice, he grew up Pin Paris France. He holds a degree in Finance and one in Travel & Hospitality.
He is a passionate sailor, a US Sailing instructor and his goal is to circumnavigate the world on his yacht.

His favorites:

Countries: France, Canary Islands

Cities: Venice, Paris, Seville

Wine: Sancerre, Amarone

Dish: Pasta with fried eggplants and anything seafood.

Kristin Romitti 2.jpg

Connecticut, USA

Born in Connecticut, I lived in London, West Virginia, Connecticut and current living between Connecticut and Mexico.   My passion for traveling and sharing travel was born at a young age as I was fortunate to have parents who traveled extensively which is when my love affair with seeing the world began.  I love sharing my experiences and encouraging others to see the world thru their own lens.  I have been very fortunate to make my passion my career.

Her favorites:

Countries: United States, Mexico, Italy, Greece, Spain​

​Cities: Queretaro, MX, Barcelona, London, Como, Positano

Wine: Serendipity, Cassidy Hill Vineyard, Coventry CT

Dish: Pizza


Brescia, Italy

Born in Brescia from Nigerian parents, he developed a passion for travel, owing to the multicultural context he grew up in.            

He graduated with a university degree in Foreign Languages and Tourism and speaks fluent English together with French and Chinese.

He has travelled many times to its family country of origin, as well as in Europe during his studies. His family definitely transmitted him the desire to expand his cultural knwoledge, which reflects on the destinations he is now promoting.                  


His favorites:                        

Countries: Italy, UK and Spain

Cities: Milan, Naples and London
Dish: Spaghetti with seafood

Alessia Caruso.jpg

Pisa, Italy

Born in Pisa, from an early age she developed a passion for travel, particularly to her family's countries of origin, Argentina and Uruguay. She pursued a degree in Foreign Languages and Cultural Mediation in Siena, managing to combine her passion for languages, history, and art.
Throughout her studies, she embraced opportunities to explore Europe, and she fluently speaks English, Spanish and French. She’s eager to expand her knowledge and to promote the wonderful beauty that Europe has to offer.

Her favorites:

Countries: Italy, Uruguay, and Spain
Cities: Florence and Bruges
Wine: Rosso di Montepulciano
Dish: Lasagna

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