Discovering Murano, a precious Venetian pearl.

Discovering Murano, a precious Venetian pearl.

Famous throughout the world for its glass manufacturing, Murano is a harmonious mix of surprising treasures waiting to be discovered.

Have you ever seen someone transform sand, air and fire into a work of art? If you haven’t done so, know that there is a place in Italy where all this is possible, but if you have already admired this show it is good to know that there is always an excellent reason to return to this magical destination in our country . Let’s talk about Murano, a pearl of the Veneto waiting to be discovered.

Murano: useful information§
Murano is a picturesque town located in the magnificent Venetian Lagoon, north-east of Venice. It is a truly special village, because it is spread over seven pretty islands located along the Marani canal. Taking a trip there means finding yourself in the presence of a riot of canals, canals and bridges that make the atmosphere highly exciting.

A walk in these parts, in fact, allows you to admire low houses with colorful facades that blend harmoniously with elegant buildings. Not to mention the views which are truly suggestive and in particular at sunset, when the lagoon becomes more romantic than ever.
The inhabitants of Murano stand out from those of many other places in the world because they are masters of craftsmanship, and above all of glass which, despite being a humble material, has been made into something particularly precious by their hands.

The art of Murano glass
It is said that, way back in 1291, the Doge decided to move all the glassworks in Venice to Murano. From that moment on, this simple material became the greatest pride and precious asset of this Venetian island.
The artisans, in these parts, have always been extremely respected as creators of a jealously protected centuries-old art. Together with them there are two helpers, called servente and serventino, who are fundamental in the blowing process.
The slow but fascinating manufacturing process gives life to true works of art, finished and cared for down to the smallest details, and all rigorously Made in Italy.

Where to admire glass processing
The former Church of Santa Chiara is one of the places where you can admire the art of Murano glass. Today, in fact, it is a magnificent space for corporate events and private parties with an active furnace for glass processing inside. Restored and reopened to the public in 2016, the official name is now The Glass Cathedral – Santa Chiara, and it is possible to live an immersive experience in the contemporary art of Murano glass.
Also unmissable is the Glass Museum which has delighted visitors since 1861. Initially it was conceived as an archive of documents that could testify to the history and life on the island but, thanks to generous donations from local glassworks, today it is a splendid museum which we can all visit.
A place not to be missed because it allows you to take a journey through the seven hundred years of history of Murano glass, starting from the fourteenth century up to the present day.

Your eyes and soul will be very happy to discover it, because it contains masterpieces of glass art from all historical periods. There is also the possibility of deepening your knowledge of the processing of this material and the different possible techniques. All inside an elegant Venetian Gothic style palace which was even the residence of the bishops of Torcello.

Finally, a trip to Murano cannot ignore a visit to one of the many glass workshops that develop within the village. Here, in fact, you will have the opportunity to closely observe how all the artefacts on display in the museum are made.

Typically you can attend an explanation of the production process and the blowing technique, then the journey continues towards the furnace where a master craftsman shows and talks about how the precious blown glass objects are created.

The visit ends with a short stop in the company outlet for anyone wishing to purchase jewellery, sculptures, chandeliers and murrine at a discount. Finally, for those who wish, there is also the possibility of taking part in glass modeling and jewelery creation courses and workshops.

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