Spooky experiences on the Green Island: who’s afraid of ghosts?

Spooky experiences on the Green Island: who’s afraid of ghosts?

Stories of witchcraft and revenge, of ghosts and disturbing presences, of pirates and vampires await you here, in the mysterious and hidden part of Ireland that no one has ever told you about

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Much more than a travel trend, ghost tourism is an incredible and extraordinary adventure that leaves you breathless, in every sense, and which is intended only for the most fearless and courageous travellers.
The trend, born in America and rapidly spreading throughout the world, is an invitation to discover and rediscover houses, buildings, neighborhoods and cities whose stories and legends testify to the existence of ghosts and disturbing presences..

There are those who keep a safe distance from these places and those who, however, are willing to reach the other end of the world to live a thrilling experience, certainly unforgettable. Yet, there is no need to stray that far from the European destinations most frequented by tourists because there is an island, known for its incredible charm, which hides a mysterious and disturbing side that few people know about.

Trip to Ireland: who’s afraid of ghosts?
There is always a good reason to organize a trip to Ireland. The Emerald Isle, so called for that landscape heritage characterized by a thousand shades of green, is a concentration of wonders that pass through history, culture, art and nature.

There are many travellers, coming from all over the world, who come here during the year to experience first-hand the great beauty of one of the most fascinating countries in Europe. Few people know, however, that in the shadow of the most iconic places and unmissable Irish stops, ghosts and disturbing creatures linked to supernatural stories hide. If all this doesn’t scare you, then take a pen and paper and note down the unmissable addresses for a thrilling tour on the green island.

Ghostly experiences in Ireland: the addresses to reach
If the idea of ​​wandering around a castle in the company of a ghost doesn’t scare you and, on the contrary, excites you, then Ireland is the right destination to reach. Even better if you do it on Halloween, when the atmosphere becomes even more spooky.

Among the unmissable addresses on this Irish ghost tour, we cannot fail to mention the fascinating Ballygally Castle. It is a castle located on the Causeway Coast, in Northern Ireland, known for its scenic beauty, but also for a disturbing presence that has populated it for centuries. This is Lady Isobel Shaw. The lady, after being segregated by her husband in the building because she had not given birth to a male heir, threw herself into the void from the top of the tower. Today the castle has become a hotel frequented by many travellers. There are several guests who swear they have seen or felt the presence of the Irish lady.

We now move to Kilkenny, a delightful medieval city located in the province of Leinster that has always fascinated and attracted lovers of horror tourism. Her name, or rather her fame, is connected to Alice Kyteler, a woman accused of witchcraft who managed to escape from the stake, but left her maid to die. The inhabitants of Kilkenny are certain that Alice, or rather her ghost, still lives in the city. It was spotted at Kyteler’s Inn, the inn founded by the same lady in the 14th century, and inside the cathedral of San Canizio.

Reaching the Wild Atlantic Way, one of the most suggestive and wild routes on the entire island, it is possible to hear the voices of the prisoners of the Irish pirate Grace O’ Malley who still ask for help in the dungeons of Westport House, County Mayo.

If you are a vampire lover, however, you absolutely cannot miss a visit to the evocative Dublin Castle. No ghosts have been spotted here, but it is worth remembering that the rooms of the fortress saw the birth of one of the greatest masterpieces of terror ever: Bram Stoker’s Dracula. To celebrate the master of Gothic horror, every year the city of Dublin organizes the Bram Stoker Festival during Halloween. And what better occasion than the scariest night of the year to discover all the spooky places in Ireland?

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