Tour of Southern France: Côte d’Azur, Provence and Camargue

Tour of Southern France: Côte d’Azur, Provence and Camargue

Discovering the enchanting landscapes of Southern France, an area rich in art, history, nature, sea and sun and everything you need.

Southern France isa territory dotted with wonders and in which tours are able to offer unique emotions.

French Riviera: sea and luxury
Any self-respecting tour of Southern France can only start from the Côte d’Azur which is able to offer a journey perfectly balanced between corners of lush nature, art, history, fashionable towns, sea and luxury.

First, Nice, a city always in celebration and full of trendy clubs, which proudly preserves the retro charm of its old town together with the refined belle époque style architecture. And then yes, here there is also the possibility of relaxing thanks to the wonderful walks along the sea or small stops on the beach.

Just think of Saint Tropez, a destination often frequented by VIPs, which stands out for its lively historic center made up of pastel-coloured facades that frame a romantic port. If on the one hand it can be considered the home of luxury yachts and boats, on the other it is a beautiful town with red tile roofs and great charm.

Then there is Saint Paul de Vence which many are ready to swear is the most romantic village in all of Provence: perched on a mountain, it is an entirely pedestrian village where you can discover harmonious squares, exciting views and small charming corners.
Finally Cannes which, among period buildings, fashionable restaurants, colossal yachts and many people on holiday, also holds some corners of peace that win the hearts of every visitor.

In Provence, for example, it is possible to discover a series of perched villages that look like small wedding favors. This is the case of Gordes, a place with timeless charm, where the white rocks that make up the houses stand out, making it unique and inimitable.

Then again Rousillon which, instead of the white colors of the previous village, shows off reddish and ocher shades thanks to the earth extracted from the nearby quarries which, even if only for a moment, make the visitor believe he has landed in an American park. A country that gives its best in the sunlight, blending harmoniously into the blue of the clear sky and the green of the nature that surrounds it.

Provence is a region characterized by such a Mediterranean climate that it is most likely among the best in the whole country. And it is precisely the gentle atmospheric conditions that allow the flowering of the plant that most distinguishes it: lavender. Undulating fields in a thousand shades of purple are the highlight of a tour in these areas, an unmissable sight as it seems like a purple sea that disappears as far as the eye can see.

Yes, it feels like you’re in an impressionist painting in which the buzzing of bees and cicadas, the intense scent, the contrasts of the sunset, and much more, make the experience almost dreamlike. Photography lovers will find what they want at the picturesque village of Sault and the Abbey of Senanque, a masterpiece of Cistercian architecture that is filled with even more charm when lavender is in bloom.

A trip to Southern France allows you to touch with your hands, eat with your eyes and love with your spirit the so-called “douce France”, that concept that expresses carefreeness, culture, cuisine, traditions, natural landscapes, skies blue and the horizons that embellish this corner of France: Provence is among the maximum expressions of the most authentic beauty of France.

A pleasantness that can also be perceived at 360 degrees in “A Year in Provence”, the famous book by Peter Mayle which was later transformed into a successful film of the same name. A work that has contributed to making this sinuous French territory known throughout the world. It is no coincidence that between the lines it is not only possible to read about the most enchanting corners of this region, but also about its craftsmanship which makes it even more special and peculiar.

Camargue: a unique region characterized by breathtaking natural landscapes and wildlife

Just think that in these parts our wonderful Mediterranean Sea merges with the various mouths of the Rhone. What emerges is a landscape dotted with lagoons, ponds, prairies, expanses of sand and salt where pink flamingos and herons can often be spotted. An area famous even for the breeding of bulls and white horses, although what leaves you speechless is Aïgues Mortes, a medieval fortified village protected by mighty bastions where pink water salt flats extend as far as the eye can see.

Saintes Maries de la Mer is the evocative capital of this fascinating region. It looks like a tangle of white-colored houses that act as a shield for a wonderful Romanesque church. The landscape by which it is surrounded is authentic and wild, with the wind caressing immense white sand beaches, while the gypsies who populate the town wander around the small squares with guitars and black hats.

Then just travel a few kilometers to reach expanses of pink that take your breath away: the largest salt pans in Europe, located in Salin-de-Giraud. Between purple and reddish tones and a thousand shades of pink, enormous mountains of silent salt rise into the sky, an incredible landscape of pure nature where over 200 species of birds and more than 260 types of plants also live.

Then again Arles, a city that has even been included in the list of UNESCO sites due to the presence of numerous Roman monuments. A place capable of perfectly embodying the spirit of the Camargue: gypsy, full of history, art, and at the same time also hospitable and lively.

What we have told you are just some of the stages of the tours you can experience. All that remains is to discover them more deeply to treat yourself to a journey that enriches the spirit, cultural background and experiences of each of us.

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