What to see near London

What to see near London

The best excursions around London, from the university cities of Oxford and Cambridge to the secret home of Bletchley Park. The United Kingdom contains in its territory beautiful cities and immense green countryside, real natural jewels to be discovered among myths and legends, places that also bring with them thousands of years of history and tradition that have come down to the present day.

The United Kingdom contains in its territory beautiful cities and immense green countryside, real natural jewels to be discovered among myths and legends, places that also bring with them thousands of years of history and tradition that have come down to the present day.

Without a doubt the first place on the podium among the unmissable destinations goes to the timeless British capital, but you have already been to the royal city this time why not take some time to visit London and its surroundings? You will find yourself, in no time, visiting ancient towns, dreamy countryside and fairytale cathedrals, all with very few kilometers of travel.

Among the many places to visit outside London you will surely have heard of the historic Oxford and Cambridge, but also of places immersed in the British moors or on the coasts where the English love to spend their holidays, such as Cotswold, Brighton, the fascinating Stonehenge.

Oxford and Cambridge
Let’s start with one of the most iconic places around London, the two university towns synonymous with culture and unique architecture: of course we are talking about Oxford and Cambridge, located the first an hour and fifteen minutes by train from London, and just under two hours the second.

Both Oxford and Cambridge are known for their ancient dream universities, Oxford being the oldest in the United Kingdom, dating back to 1096. The Gothic architectural style survived the war years and even today the sumptuous spires that jut out into the sky stand out.
Even the University of Cambridge has had among its students the most illustrious English writers and today it is one of the most prestigious universities in the world, as well as having a university with ancient and wonderful buildings from an architectural point of view.
If you are a fan of the most beloved wizard in the world admiring Oxford and Cambridge you may recognize some places and landscapes, which became famous thanks to the scenes shot for the Harry Potter movie.
If you want to visit the most famous dining room in the world you can go to Christ Church College in Oxford, by joining a guided tour departing from London you can stop in the most beautiful places of these ancient towns, explore the main sites and have free time to walk through the colleges.

A boat ride along the river Cam and the visit can be said to be complete, in a single day you can visit both thanks to the short distance that separates them, about 140 kilometers.

The charm of Stonehenge
Among the surroundings of London to explore a place of honor certainly deserves Stonehenge, the famous Neolithic stone circle located near Salisbury. It is a site full of charm, reachable in about two hours from London, and it is no coincidence that it is one of the most popular visits for those who want to explore the surroundings of London: its unique and surreal atmosphere surrounded by mystery is truly irresistible. Some describe it as a sanctuary to worship the sun, others as an astronomical site that was used as an indicator for the seasons, but all agree on the dating of its oldest remains dating back as far as 40,000 years ago. Being among some of the oldest stones on the planet, is a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Stonehenge is known for its stone circles with the architrave, built in the Neolithic it is not known with what type of equipment or mode. This iconic place known all over the world can be visited with the purchase of an entrance ticket, which will allow you to reach the visitor center and start a wonderful guided tour.

Canterbury and the Cliffs of Dover Among the most popular tours of London and its surroundings there is certainly the trip to the small town of Canterbury that has become famous for the homonymous stories written by Chaucer.
Canterbury is a small village enchanted by ancient roads, it is located in Kent and in one day you can see its typical wooden houses along the river, the UNESCO World Heritage cathedral, built in the late 1000s, the abbey of Sant’Agostino and other small treasures that you can discover walking through the historic center.

Less than forty minutes by train from Canterbury are the beautiful cliffs of Dover, so praised by writers and poets for the extraordinary natural beauty unique in the world. The best way to reach them is by reserving a private driver.

You can visit Canterbury and the White Cliffs in a single day by participating in an organized tour lasting about ten hours, including round-trip transfers. The White Cliffs are spectacular and a must-see if you want to learn more about London and its

Beach trip to Brighton
Brighton, the English town irreverent but traditional at the same time, awaits you for an unforgettable day tour from London, to show you its typical pebble beaches that alternate with regency style buildings. In Brighton you will find nightlife, fun between art, music and festivals of all kinds, and the connections from London especially by train are quick and inexpensive. Precisely for this reason the British love to go here for their weekends of relaxation and sea, spending their free time between the seafront and the iconic Palace Pier, the pier that offers recreational activities for all tastes. Here fun is guaranteed for adults and children. A visit to the Brighton Museum Art & Gallery, in the elegant area of the Royal Pavilion, and maybe a stop in the lush gardens where the English love to refresh themselves in the shade of ancient trees. For a bit of shopping, the bohemian North Laine district won’t disappoint!

The Cotswolds
Visiting London and its surroundings you will find that it is rich in natural beauty, and the Cotswolds are at the top of the ranking. We are talking about a hill range that is located just two hours from London, characterized by rural villages, wide green and silent expanses in the heart of England that you will love them. Visiting the Cotswolds means taking time to enjoy each small village that is part of it, traveling between cottages worthy of a Jane Austin book and historical legends passed down from generation to generation. This is the typical English countryside, but there are also cities such as Burford, one of the most beautiful medieval towns, and the villages on the river.
Take a day to join an organized trip from London, with stops at the area’s most characteristic stops.

The spa town of Bath
About 200 km from London you can reach Bath, a spa town located in the south-west of England, where you can spend a pleasant day among the Georgian buildings of the eighteenth century. Bath was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1987 for its uniqueness, there are many historical works to visit in the center. the Romans already in 70 AD built the famous spa complex still beloved and remained almost intact, and today the English love to spend time relaxing in this small Roman corner. Bath Abbey, or Bath Abbey, is an exceptional architectural building that dominates the center with its 49-meter-high tower. Climb to the top of the tower and you’ll have stunning views of the city, from the last medieval building built in England in 1616.

And still walking through the streets of the city you will meet the Pultney bridge, The Circus, a circular Georgian building inspired by our Colosseum, and still the Royal Crescent, another housing complex built like the previous one, by John Wood the Younger. A series of impressive architectural works that make this city a jewel of the south of England, a must see even if perhaps not very well known by most. Lovers of literature will remember better the settings of some novels by Jane Austen, who having spent many years in Bath tells us about it with the unique style that characterizes it, in her novel “Persuasion”. If you want to know more about Bath you can book a guided tour with an expert, combining the city tour with an entrance to the spa.

The places to visit near London that are worth a visit are all close at hand, and can be reached by train or car at low cost.
They are ideal destinations for both a day trip and a long weekend, they are places full of tradition where you can deepen your knowledge of Anglo-Saxon culture. The London capital attracts many tourists from all over the world every year, and there are many things to see, but a trip around London is a must.
If you love the countryside you will be spoiled for choice, if you prefer an urban trip you can choose between the different cities surrounding the capital. From the oldest to the most modern locations, you can now choose places to visit outside London in advance and plan a guided tour that encompasses everything you want to explore.
In just one weekend you’ll get a taste of some of the best places to visit outside London!

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